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Appleton Wisconsin has seen some harsh weather this January. From heavy snow, to blizzard conditions, followed by sub-zero temperatures. What is the impact all of this has on your roof? And what can be done?

Ice Dams.

One of the most common issues in winter for your roof is the formation of ice dams. This will become a bigger issue next week as we see higher temperatures allowing for some melt. Low temperatures at night will allow this melt to refreeze, creating ice dams that can cause significant damage inside and outside your home. If you have ice dam issues, give us a call at 920-443-5274.

Heavy Snow.

The weight of this snow on your roof can cause issues by itself. While roofs are designed to handle weight, trusses can inevitably give way due to the added strain leading to collapse. We offer snow removal services for residential homes and commercial businesses to prevent this sort of issue from occurring. If you’re concerned about the weight of the snow on your roof give us a call today at 920-443-5274.

Roof Leaks.

Whether the leaks were there before and went undetected, or the snow / ice caused some issues, we can help. From replacing bad wood to adding or replacing chimney flashing, crickets, wall flashings, etc. our team is fully equipped and trained to find and fix your leak right the first time. Don’t take chances with your home. Give us a call today at 920-443-5274.

Other issues or questions? Feel free to give us a call or reach out online anytime!