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Looking for the best quality roof replacement in Kimberly?

With our highly experienced installers and top quality material, you receive the very best end result!

We believe experience is everything. That's why we only hire the very best roofers. This ensures your home's roof is completed to the highest standard of quality and will perform the way it should long into the future.

We're located only a few miles away, in Kaukauna along KK.

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About Flash Roofing & Repairs

We're Honest. We'll offer you the best solutions for your situation. If a roof repair can solve your issue, we'll let you know. We believe in the importance of trust, and the value of long term relationships with our customers.

We're Efficient. We value your time, and want to work with you and your schedule, and we honor your commitments and your time.

We're Local. Our office is a few miles outside of Appleton, on KK in Kaukauna. We're only a few minutes away should you ever need to reach us again.

We're Experienced. According to other contractors - roofers, builders, etc. Our crew is the best in town. They're highly experienced, detailed, professional, kind, considerate AND clean up.