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This is a complex question that gets asked of us frequently. People have heard horror stories of roofs gone badly or not lasting as long because they were done in winter. But ultimately, it’s completely dependent upon the contractor you hire and the products they’re using.

Expansion and Contraction

Heat and Cold cause expansion and contraction within your roof system. Improper installation, or lower quality products can cause significant issues. Many brands of ridge vent are prone to buckling. Even edge metals can buckle as a result of temperature changes. Shingles can blister prematurely. Caulks can fail if not applied during optimal temperature windows. The list of risks may seem endless. That’s why we’ve done the research for you.

Roofing Experience In Winter

Flash Roofing’s foreman / owner has been installing roofs in winter for over 20 years right here around Appleton, Wisconsin. He’s tested many products and seen the issues that can arise from winter installs. He’s also seen products perform flawlessly. Wisconsin weather – year round – is harsh. We see everything from high heat to tornados, strong wind and arctic air to blizzards. Flash Roofing has hand selected products based on his personal, hands on experience. Our products are able to be installed year round with no effect on performance or warranty. We also use the strongest underlayments on the market, because in the unlikely event that you would have an issue with a shingle, we want to be sure that issue remains on the roof – not inside your home. Minimizing risk and damage long term is our top priority because we know your roof should last for decades. 

January and February can be great months for a roof replacement. We can save you a significant amount on installation, and still provide the same great installation and warranty.